Take A Waltz To Matilda 159: Scott Pickett’s New Venue Dazzles

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2 min readJun 3, 2020

The new love child of Melbourne Chef Scott Pickett, Matilda 159 Domain has opened its doors.

Located opposite the Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Matilda is set to spice up the South Yarra dining scene. Being part of the new boutique hotel, United Places Botanic Gardens, it’s set to host a wide caliber of guests.

Named after his daughter Matilda, the venue is decorated with a modern aesthetic, yet it oozes rustic energy. Matilda 159 is the fifth restaurant for Pickett. It stays true to his vision for high-quality luxury dining. In comparison to Pickett’s other four venues, Matilda 159 hosts a slightly more casual vibe. The venue is warm, comfortable, and inviting. This makes it the perfect place to enjoy a nice meal and glass of wine after a long day either at the office or from sightseeing.

When it comes to deciding what to order the menu is filled with local produce. Fresh seafood and meat are the menu headliners. Beautiful and fresh Clare de Lune Oysters are perfect to start with. And you cannot go past the Lakes Entrance Octopus for main. The produce is undeniably fresh. It’s prepared simply, with an abundance of flavor.

A large selection of wine, cocktails, and craft beer awaits you at the bar to complement the meal. The crab meat has a slight tang, and the ribs melt upon meeting your lips. Dessert was enough to win over even the sourest of food critics. Particularly the Glenora rhubarb, burnt custard, lemon verbena dessert. Finger licking goodness!

The rustic styling is a nod to Pickett’s heritage. The dirty red arches reflect the red center of the Australian Outback. Hugh Makin who created the furniture for the restaurant sourced native wood for the fit-outs. Woodfire, charcoal, and smoke were staple elements when creating the space.

A glamorous restaurant with a menu that will leave you in awe. Scott Pickett has hit the hotspot when it comes to food and experience. Onya highly recommends this to you, whether you are a local, a foodie, or a tourist.

Image credits: Gareth Sobey

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