Startupbootcamp: Preventing and Predicting Disease

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4 min readNov 23, 2018

According to the Economist ‘Consumers seem readier to accept digital products than ever before’. Two startups, Cardiolyse and Eyemove, are doing just that, disrupting the health industry by bringing prediction and prevention to the forefront of medicine.


Preventing Heart Disease.

Heart disease is a leading cause of death.
After the age of 40 the risk of lifestyle-driven heart disorders increases dramatically. This poses the problem of how to prevent heart disorders for people who are healthy and for people with existing chronic conditions. According to Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, senior associate editor of the ‘ connection between diabetes and cardiovascular disease is increasing’. Technologies are available when it comes to managing the disease, but not yet developed to avoid them. Cardiolyse is on a mission to help people manage their wellness and prevent heart disease.

The Cardiolyse team comes from a strong business and medical background with the headquarters being based in Helsinki. Anna Starynska (CEO) is leading the team, she has a Ms in Computer and Data Science and is a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience. Illya Chaykovskyy is the CSO, has an MD, multiple Ph.D.’s and over 25 years of experience in cardiology. Cardiolyse has other team members working alongside them. Their achievements are something to be very proud of; they already have six partners, have saved 35 lives and have two patents with four more pending and are already working with some big names in cardiology in India.

Cardiolyse provides software as a service that collects and analyzes data from any EKG device such as a fitness tracker to prevent lifestyle-driven heart disorders. It translates the data into an easy-to-understand interface that provides the knowledge and technology to prevent diseases and stay connected to your own and your family's health. Cardiolyse is able to detect 20 types of arrhythmia, early signs of heart failure and predict dangerous heart events up to two months by scoring individual biomarkers. The EKG interpretation is displayed straight on the users' smartphone and gives personalized recommendations which make it easy to monitor heart and emotional well being. It gives back control of your health and your life to make sure you are living to your full potential.


A mobile app to detect the early onset of Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a complex neurodegenerative disorder. According to Parkinson’s News Today, seven to 10 million people suffer from the disease. An aging global population means that the numbers are increasing, and fast! Some main indicators are tremors in hands, balance problems, slowness of movements and a feeling of tightness in the limbs. But what if there was a way to predict and slow down the progression of Parkinson’s way before the tremors develop? The Russian team has tapped into research that shows that movements of the eye can be used to test for numerous neurological diseases.

Mikhail Ianchikov (CEO and co-founder) has made Berlin his home during the program. He has engineering and mathematical experience and has worked in various IT companies. Co-founder Sergey Voronov (CTO) is an engineer-developer with a Ph.D. Boris Baziyan is a Neurophysiologist and Doctor of Biological Sciences. Mikhail and Sergey have known each other since childhood. The team is also supported by other experts in mathematical programming, developers, philologists, and marketing specialists.

Using the Eyemove app the user follows a series of green dots that appear on the screen. The eye movements are recorded and the software analyses and interpret the results. The outcome is an indication of how much the participant's eye movements differ from the norm. This is an effective preventative mechanism that is low cost, easy to use and accessible to everyone with a smartphone. CEO Mikhail Ianchikov recommends to take the test several times in order to monitor and observe changes and then take further action if required.

The Digital Health industry has its eyes on Eyemove. In 2017 Eyemove was awarded third place at CERPrize. They have participated in Russian Techbridge Bootcamp in London.
In the future, Eyemove plans to expand into creating more preventative apps and software for other neurological diseases by analyzing the reaction time and speed of eye movements.

We are excited to hear the team's pitch and to celebrate the progress the startups have made over the three-month journey at our Demo Day on November 27.

Startupbootcamp Team 🙂

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