Startupbootcamp: How to Treat Existing Medical Conditions

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4 min readNov 20, 2018

For over 10 years Germany has been a leader in developments within the health industry. However, there are still challenges facing the industry. Two startups, RAMP and ABATON, are saving doctors and patients time and money when it comes to how drugs are prescribed and delivered. Their solutions are also changing the traditional patient and doctor relationship.


Research Applied in Medical Practice.

Doctors are constantly overloaded and overwhelmed with countless research about the latest medical information. They are expected to learn this information on top of their already busy schedule and only have seven minutes to spend with each patient. This makes it extremely difficult to decide on effective therapy. The result often is incorrect drug prescriptions that can ultimately lead to death. RAMP has developed a therapy decision support tool that helps doctors stay up to date with the latest drug information and find the right treatment for patients.

Helene Schönewolf (CEO) has over 13-year experience in the medical field working with doctors in marketing, sales, and management. She is a certified medical professional and has acquired academic knowledge in chemistry, business administration, economics, programming, and law. Jacques Ehret (CSO) studied chemoinformatics and in-silico drug design at Strasbourg University and then went on to do his Ph.D. about the effect of chemicals on diabetes. The pair met six years ago and co-founded RAMP three years later and are supported by a team of scientists and a network of mentors and partners.

RAMP is an online software solution that allows doctors to easily compare therapies based on diagnosis and patient data. RAMP first excludes therapies that would be dangerous to the patient because they are contraindicated for the specific patient case. It also eliminates the risk that is associated with interactions with other drugs that the patient is taking. The available therapies are then displayed on the computer monitor and can be compared and ranked to allow the doctor to quickly identify the best therapy. RAMP decreases the risk of mistakes and reduces pressure off already very busy and stressed doctors. This, in turn, increases the reputation of hospitals and drives innovation. RAMP is passionate about fixing the current bottleneck facing the healthcare industry and provide practitioners with scientific knowledge that minimizes mistakes and saves lives.


ABATON, we stand by you.

According to Forbes Magazine, ‘personalized digital health is the future for chronic conditions’. In Germany, 20% of the GDP goes straight to healthcare. Sadly, the outcomes are not as effective as they could be. This highlights the need to create a solution that will help patients with chronic conditions better manage their medical situation.

The team consists of co-founder and CEO Manuel Grahammer who has a background in biomedical research. He has profound experience in developing business models in the German Healthcare System. Second co-founder and CTO, Christoph Menge started developing software and coding at 16 years of age and his experience helps to actualize the ABATONmonitor. After being surrounded by clinical directors and specialists and hearing about the need to improve patient and doctor relationships Manuel was inspired and driven to create ABATON to help others to have a more positive treatment experience. 2018 has been a busy year for ABATON. It won the Berlin InnoLabs Hackathon and the Gründungsbonus Startup financing tool award.

ABATON provides a tool to physicians with which they can enroll the patients onto a digital platform using a smartphone or computer device. This means that the patient is able to monitor their own disease progression. This is targeted towards patients suffering from chronic conditions. They will benefit from the platform by obtaining better and more objective insights about their health status and improve communication with their physician. Patients become more engaged in their therapy, including decision making and also receive more meaningful and relevant information for their individual case and treatment plan.

By the end of the Startupbootcamp program ABATON aims to secure pilots to be able to implement the technology in practices across the German Healthcare System.

The long term goal for ABATON is to predict and prevent flare-ups in chronic conditions to give physicians and patients an opportunity and time to reduce the severity and potentially prevent the flare-ups from occurring. For the physicians, it also helps to eliminate copious amounts of paperwork and maximizes their time.

We are excited to hear the team's pitch and to celebrate the progress the startups have made over the three-month journey at our Demo Day on November 27. Stay tuned for more exciting news about our startups.

Startupbootcamp Team 🙂

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