Freeing Yourself From Old Patterns

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2 min readOct 16, 2020


Liberation is letting go of what is causing you to suffocate.

Some ties need to be broken. And the absence of a connection can drive you crazy until you realise that it’s better not to have it in your life all. You can spend your entire childhood dreaming, fantasising and imagining a perception of a person that never truly existed. A mystical figure that has a physical presence on this world but energetically has no connection to you. But it’s the things in our mind that drive us crazy, not the person itself.

Stop getting chocked!

This can apply to family, old friends and lovers. But you can take those people and wrap them in a metaphorical blanked and put them away in a deep dark cupboard that gets lost on some tropical island. We shouldn’t let our past dictate our future. It’s important to acknowledge the experience and hurt from the past but use it not as a tool that has defeated us but as a learning experience. Look at it from a positive angle and see what you can learn. What did you like about this person? Their behaviour? What did you dislike? What made your blood boil? What did you see in themselves that you see in you that you want to change? And how do you stop patterns repeating themselves?

Keep negativity as far away as possible!

But to avoid the same situation happening in your life again, and translating it to other elements of your life the first step is to recognise that this happened in your life and be aware of the situation and look at it from a critical perspective. Why does it affect me? Why do I not want to end up in the same situation? Then you can take steps to live a life that is authentic and true to who you are. Remember, it’s not easy and it’s not a walk in the park! It will make you question everything about yourself and who you are as an individual and who you want to be.

Choose honest and empathetic friendships

It helps to have a support network of people you chose who genuinely care for you and will give you honest advice and not hold back. I feel grateful to have a handful of advisors like that who I truly believe have my best interest at heart. Focus on the family you chose, and just because someone shares your blood doesn’t mean they mean well.

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