10 Reasons Why Berlin Is The Best Place For Expats

Berlin labeled ‘poor but sexy’

Berlin, a city dubbed as ‘poor but sexy’. It definitely lives up to its bad-boy reputation. It brims with history and has been a place of revolutionary spirit throughout time.

1. The startup scene

Have you joined the next unicorn?

2. The public transport is wicked

3. It’s affordable (especially compared to other European capitals)

Berlin party
There’s always a reason to party in Berlin

4. The city never sleeps

5. Everyone speaks English

6. It’s brimming with arts and culture

Oktoberfest celebrations
Berlin ‘poor but sexy’, the hotspot for expats

7. Coffee culture is a real thing

Eat your heart out in Italy, even Jamie can’t deal with the pasta!

8. Travelling Europe is easy

9. A good work-life balance

10. It’s full of Expats

If this doesn’t convince you to relocate to Berlin, we don’t know what will.



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