10 Reasons Why Berlin Is The Best Place For Expats

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4 min readMay 8, 2020


Berlin labeled ‘poor but sexy’

Berlin, a city dubbed as ‘poor but sexy’. It definitely lives up to its bad-boy reputation. It brims with history and has been a place of revolutionary spirit throughout time.

How often can you say you stood in history? You can literally walk along the bricks that split the country in two. Being so physically connected to modern history will give you goosebumps. The city has an energy that cannot be described. A trip through the Kreuzberg district will make you feel like you stepped out of a 90’s grunge movie. Berlin strikes the perfect balance between acknowledging its past and striving for an inclusive and bright future.

So if you are currently in isolation and dreaming of your next move or are already in Berlin, itching to explore here are the top 10 reasons that make Berlin such a hot spot for expats:

1. The startup scene

It’s the startup capital of Europe. Berlin attracts people from all over the world to join the startup scene. It’s the perfect place to gain industry experience, build up your own network, and experience living abroad at the same time. And if your company ends up being the next unicorn, then you, my friend, are in luck!

Have you joined the next unicorn?

2. The public transport is wicked

There is every mode of transport you can ever imagine. Underground, overground, bus, tram, magic carpet. Maybe not the last one! But we wouldn’t be surprised if there was. And it’s all super punctual!

3. It’s affordable (especially compared to other European capitals)

A fun night out doesn’t need to be a sad experience for your wallet. For 6 EU you can kick off the evening with sneaky beer and falafel combo. Tip: Leave empty beer bottles outside for the more needy to hand in for a ‘pfand’.

Berlin party
There’s always a reason to party in Berlin

4. The city never sleeps

Love a good party? Berlin is the place to be. Underground raves start on Friday and don’t finish well into Sunday. You must have heard of the legendary Berghain security guard Sven?

5. Everyone speaks English

The city is so multicultural that everyone is always super happy to switch to English. There are English menus at all restaurants and cafes. It’s completely normal for someone to live in Berlin for years and not speak German.

6. It’s brimming with arts and culture

Oktoberfest celebrations
Berlin ‘poor but sexy’, the hotspot for expats

Berlin doesn’t run out of events. Spend your weekend visiting museums and galleries, admiring the architecture or attending art, music and comedy shows. Chill on the grass at MauerPark and let your karaoke #kween shine.

7. Coffee culture is a real thing

Coffee culture is not only reserved for Hipsters. Berliner’s love a good coffee shop. The city is brimming with cute hipster cafes and bars.

Eat your heart out in Italy, even Jamie can’t deal with the pasta!

8. Travelling Europe is easy

Right now this seems impossible, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, right? So for when travel eases up Berlin has two airports, both accessible by public transport. Countless FlixBus routes go through Berlin. In 3 hours you can be eating Pierogi in Poland or Italian pasta is only a 20 Euro flight away.

9. A good work-life balance

International Women’s Day is a public holiday in Berlin. Enough said.

10. It’s full of Expats

If you moved to Berlin and don’t know anyone it’s super easy for expats to make friends. Berlin is a very social city and young people are very open to meeting others, they were in your position once too.

If this doesn’t convince you to relocate to Berlin, we don’t know what will.

Share with me your favorite things about Berlin…



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